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3D Product design and animation

Colorful Airpods Commercial

Pick A Pod, a dynamic and burgeoning startup, embarked on a journey to carve a distinct niche in the colorful earphone market. Driven by a unique vision, they approached Whizzy Studios, harnessing our prowess in crafting photorealistic product renders and 3D animations. What began as a seed of an idea blossomed into a grand commercial 3D animation launch teaser, showcasing Pick A Pod's innovative adaptation of colorful airpods.

Design Transformation:

The voyage commenced with Pick A Pod's visionary concept. Collaboratively, we translated their ideas into captivating 3D designs, breathing life into their vision. Eight luscious hues were meticulously crafted, echoing the client's desire for a vibrant spectrum of colors. Taking innovation a step further, Whizzy Studios indulged in an artistic exploration, weaving six distinct texture designs that bestowed an unparalleled vividness to the product's aesthetics.

Technological Marvel:

Distinguishing itself from the competition, Pick A Pod's colorful airpods emerge as not just a visual delight, but a technological marvel. Endowed with a built-in microphone, these earphones redefine communication. Waterproof capabilities amplify their utility, making them an ideal companion even in challenging environments. The seamless integration of Bluetooth technology ensures compatibility across platforms, seamlessly syncing with devices for an unparalleled auditory experience.

Global Accessibility:

Pick A Pod's commitment to excellence is epitomized by its offer of free shipping across the USA and Canada. This thoughtful touch not only enhances customer experience but also underscores the brand's determination to ensure global accessibility to its innovative product.

Crafting the Narrative:

Whizzy Studios embarked on a journey of narrative crafting, blending the art of realistic product rendering with the magic of feature-film style visual effects. The result was a spellbinding commercial 3D animation that ignited excitement across social media platforms. A synergistic blend of artistry and technology, the animation acted as a catalyst, propelling Pick A Pod's brand to the forefront of innovation.

Igniting Engagement:

The meticulously designed animation emerged as a pivotal tool to ignite engagement. By presenting the product in its full splendor, the animation acted as an enticing call to action, stimulating not only interest but also catalyzing successful Kickstarter campaigns. The resonance was profound, fostering a deeper connection with the audience and igniting a surge of interest that transcended conventional boundaries.

Building a Legacy:

Pick A Pod's journey, intricately woven with Whizzy Studios' artistic expertise, resulted in a landmark moment. The successful launch and sustained engagement acted as building blocks in the creation of a legacy. The vibrant innovation of colorful airpods transformed into a symbol of aspiration and ingenuity, firmly establishing Pick A Pod as a trailblazer in the industry.


In the realm of innovation, collaboration, and impactful storytelling, the partnership between Pick A Pod and Whizzy Studios stands as a testament to limitless possibilities. The journey from conceptualization to a captivating 3D commercial animation encapsulated the essence of a shared vision, a vision that now reverberates through the global market, touching lives, and shaping the future of auditory technology.

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  • Is 3D animation service provided on an hourly basis or as a fixed-price package ?
    We offer both hourly and fixed-price options for 3D animation services. The choice depends on the scope and complexity of your project, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs.
  • What is the typical price range for a 3D animation project?
    The price of a 3D animation project can vary widely depending on factors like project duration, complexity, and desired quality. To provide you with an accurate quote, we evaluate your project requirements and tailor the pricing accordingly.
  • How many animators are typically involved in one 3D animation project?
    The number of animators on a project depends on its complexity and timeframe. Smaller projects may involve one or two animators, while larger-scale productions may require a team of animators, ensuring efficiency and high-quality results.
  • Is 3D animation suitable for marketing and promotional videos?
    Yes, 3D animation is an excellent choice for marketing and promotional videos. It allows you to showcase products, services, or ideas in a visually engaging and memorable way, making it a powerful tool for marketing campaigns.
  • How long does it typically take to create a short 3D animation?
    The time required for a 3D animation project varies depending on its complexity and length. Short animations can take a few weeks to complete, whereas longer, more intricate projects might span several months.
  • Can you customize 3D animations to suit our brand's unique style?
    Yes, we understand the importance of branding. Our team can tailor 3D animations to match your brand's distinct style, ensuring consistency in visuals and messaging for a more impactful online presence.
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