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About Us

Founded in 2019, Whizzy Studios is an innovative animation studio specializing in creating captivating custom 3D animations and character designs. Our expertise extends beyond animation, as we also excel in 3D product design, crafting stunning and immersive visual experiences. Additionally, we bring product designs to life through mind-blowing television commercials that leave a lasting impression on audiences. With our passion for creativity and cutting-edge technology, we continue to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, delivering exceptional results that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impact.

Our team


parth ashara

Founder & CEO



General Manager


jay sureja

Project Co-ordinator / Rigging artist


Sagar chavda

Modelling and Texturing Artist / PM


puneet mishra

 3D Character Designer


Vanshika sood

3D Animator


3D Animator

Aritra Banerjee


Sneha Bag

3D Animator


shubham sawate

Jr. 3D Modelling Artist


Lahiru Jayakody

Sr. Concept Artist



Lighting & Composition Artist

Avatar 108


Graphic Designer


We work globally with brands, agencies as well as individual. From custom character design to animation, we have got every aspect covered.

Mission we follow

We embark on a quest to create animated wonders that leave jaws dropped, hearts warmed, and imaginations soaring to infinity and beyond!


Vision We Pursue

We chase after a world where pixels and laughter embrace, where animated characters burst with vibrant life, and stories ignite sparks of pure magic, spreading smiles to every corner of the globe.


Spirit We Embody

With a playful spirit, we embrace wild ideas, infectious laughter, and a touch of quirkiness, crafting animated masterpieces that inspire, entertain, and ignite pure joy.


Dreams We Inspire

We dare to dream big, sparking inspiration in hearts young and old, harnessing the power of imagination to create animated marvels that transcend reality and make dreams a vibrant reality.


Values we believe in

Bold Creativity

Unleashing bold creativity, we craft animated wonders that push the boundaries of imagination, sparking awe and inspiration.

Collaborative Spirit

Our collaborative spirit fuels a dynamic synergy, fostering teamwork and collective brilliance in every animated creation we bring to life.


Genuine Passion

With genuine passion, we pour heart and soul into every frame, creating animated masterpieces that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact.


Impeccable quality is our hallmark, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted, resulting in animated experiences that exceed expectations.

  • Is 3D animation service provided on an hourly basis or as a fixed-price package ?
    We offer both hourly and fixed-price options for 3D animation services. The choice depends on the scope and complexity of your project, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs.
  • What is the typical price range for a 3D animation project?
    The price of a 3D animation project can vary widely depending on factors like project duration, complexity, and desired quality. To provide you with an accurate quote, we evaluate your project requirements and tailor the pricing accordingly.
  • How many animators are typically involved in one 3D animation project?
    The number of animators on a project depends on its complexity and timeframe. Smaller projects may involve one or two animators, while larger-scale productions may require a team of animators, ensuring efficiency and high-quality results.
  • Is 3D animation suitable for marketing and promotional videos?
    Yes, 3D animation is an excellent choice for marketing and promotional videos. It allows you to showcase products, services, or ideas in a visually engaging and memorable way, making it a powerful tool for marketing campaigns.
  • How long does it typically take to create a short 3D animation?
    The time required for a 3D animation project varies depending on its complexity and length. Short animations can take a few weeks to complete, whereas longer, more intricate projects might span several months.
  • Can you customize 3D animations to suit our brand's unique style?
    Yes, we understand the importance of branding. Our team can tailor 3D animations to match your brand's distinct style, ensuring consistency in visuals and messaging for a more impactful online presence.
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